Wedding & Event Day Ideas

Details matter.

Sometimes it is the small additions that are really fun. Add your personality to coasters and beverage bottles and turn ordinary items into unique and memorable decorations. Below our some of the great ideas we’ve run into for using our products for events and everything else. Some are straightforward such as using a coaster for a coaster but others are a twist on the expected utilizing our unique removable customizable labels in clever ways.


Labels are a great size for beer, wine, champagne, mead, cider, soda

  1. Custom labeled beer or wine table center piece.
  2. Gifts.
  3. Table favors – coasters.
  4. Engagement announcement.
  5. Be my groomsmen / bridesmaid.
  6. Bachelor and bachelorette parties.
  7. Rehearsal dinners.
  8. Anniversaries.
  9. Baby announcements.

Mini Tags

Mini labels are a great size for beer & wine glasses, growlers, tap handles and jars

  1. Escort card/glasses.
  2. Tags for glasses to keep guests from mixing up glasses.
  3. Home-made tap handle beer marker.
  4. Growler tag.
  5. Favor tag.


Coasters are a great size for coasters, maps, memory/activity cards

  1. Maps/directions.
  2. Save the date.
  3. Activity cards.
  4. Be my groomsmen / bridesmaid.
  5. Engagement announcement.
  6. Guest favors.
  7. Bachelor and bachelorette parties.
  8. Rehearsal dinners.
  9. Anniversary.
  10. Baby announcements.

Metal Signs

  1. Guest sign in, upload your own stamp tree or leave room for signatures.
  2. Use as menu board for different beverages/favors.
  3. If someone is helping you brew your wine, beer, cider or mead, thank them with their own pub/winery sign.