Using Instagram Images In Your Labels (In 5 Easy Steps)

Instagram has changed the way we share and view photos.  In addition to its ease-of-use, the app has some really cool image filters that you can use to put a cool new spin on a very standard photo.

The other cool thing about Instagram, is that the photos you upload and convert with those filters are high quality enough to upload into the GrogTag label creation system.  By using Instagram and GrogTag together, you can craft some unique labels!

Step 1: Snap a photo with the Instagram app

When you snap a photo with Instagram of that killer sunset, your cat being cute (or, in our case, head designer and all-around nice guy, Steve, milling grain), you can run it through one of the many filters Instagram has. This app has lot of ways to dial in the effects by choosing different filters, try a few out til you get the right look.    Hint: Instagram also allows you to load older images as well!













Step 2: Click the blue arrow

Once you click that blue arrow there at the top right corner, two things will happen: you will be pushed forward to post your image (which you don’t have to do), and your image will save into a separate folder in your phone’s image gallery.








Step 3: Email the Instagram photo to yourself

Find that photo in your Instagram folder (usually located in your photo gallery on your phone) and email it to yourself.  Download it to your computer so you can easily use it in the GrogTag system!

Step 4: Download your image to your desktop

Open your email program, and download the image to your desktop. (Be sure to note its name, just in case.)

Step 5: You are ready to select a template on and upload your new image!

You are ready to create a label with your new image. Just choose a template with a space for a photo from, hit the upload image button and select your photo from your desktop. Preview it and order.











Using Instagram – it’s Worth It!