Tips & Tricks: Upload your own photo for a fresh look
Maximize our templates

Uploading a photo into one of our templates can create a completely different look. Here we took our manly Ginger Beerded Template and turned it into a sweet wedding coaster. 

How we did it:

First we chose a template with a large photo upload space to maximize our impact. Other templates that lend themselves to this are… 

  • Forget Me Knot
  • Good Friends
  • Five Alarm
  • Bacchus
  • Wild Hare
  • Dirigible Do
  • Blind As A Bat

​Next, we uploaded our own photo.

Then we updated our text….changed the name and message.

Finally we changed the type’s accent color. Ginger Beerded offers 5 different colors. Because we weren’t particular, it helped to have the photo uploaded first so we could choose the color that best matched. However, if you are trying to match a certain color theme, we recommend narrowing down your list of templates and then checking what colors are available in each before you spend any time editing.