Tested: Best write in markers/crayons on dark vinyl labels

If you want the look of a darker label, but still want to have a write in style we recommend two different marking devices. We tested for readability, wet resistance and friction (we rubbed a dry finger across the letters to see if it would smear). Both will rub off if you held a bottle for an extended period of time with sweaty palms. For that use, you’ll want permanent, so use a Sharpie. But if you are marking bottles/growlers to take over to a friends and pour into a glass, this is what we found…

Wet Erase Chalk Marker

We tested the Bistro Chalk Marker by Uchida in white.


  • Best opacity, very easy to read.
  • Different pen tips available (so you could buy a fine tip or chisel.)
  • Stands up to rubbing okay. 


  • Takes a bit to dry, not instantaneous.
  • Can run with moisture exposure (heavy condensation)

Crayola Brights Dry Erase Crayons

We tested the Crayola’s Dry Erase Bright Crayons in orange. (The brights are meant for drawing on darker surfaces so will show better, but both will work if you choose a lighter color crayon like yellow or orange.)


  • No dry time.
  • Slightly waxy so it holds up to condensation better.
  • Stands up to rubbing okay. 


  • Not a precise tip for writing
  • Not as easy to read.