Kegs For Colton
Show Your Support By Making This Your Next Homebrew Label And We'll Donate The Proceeds Towards Colton's New Heart.

Back in June at the National Homebrew Conference we met some guys from the Yakima Brewers and were taken back when we learned about Colton. 

Colton is a 2 year old boy that in January 2012 was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy. His heart was too big for his body and he would die without a transplant. To ease the financial burden Colton’s Dad’s homebrew group gathered the rarest most sought after hops in the world and created a website hoping to raise support for Colton Jones.

Colton received a new heart and is doing an amazing job with his recovery. However his new heart has a max life expectancy of 20 years in which his family will have to come up with 1 million dollars in todays money. If you would like to support Colton please visit

You can also show support through their Facebook page and

GrogTag created a unique beer label you can customize in honor of Cotlon. Show your support by making this your next homebrew label and we’ll donate the proceeds towards his new heart.