How to Create a Label. It’s Easy
A quick tutorial on selecting and creating your label. You won't even need to put down your beer...

Follow these easy steps to create your own GrogTag label. You can also watch our video tutorial.

  1. Select a label to start with. The easiest way to select a label is to click on Make a Label. This cool page will show you all of the available labels on bottles. You can scroll left and right through all of the labels and when you see the one you want, just click on it. The pull down navigation items under Make a Label are simply a way to sort the bottle browser by category]  Get Started »

  2. Customize your labels. The next screen you’ll see is the customizations screen. The editable fields are on the left pre-filled with our hilarious copy. Just change the items you want (no fields are required, so if you want the label blank you can do that too by deleting all the copy) and click the <PREVIEW LABEL> button to see your new label.

  3. Approve your label and check out. Once you are happy with the label, click <CONTINUE WITH ORDER> to view a final label proof and follow the on screen instructions to approve your label, enter your information, and pay for your label. 

  4. Wait anxiously for your label. You will be emailed a confirmation of your order. Your labels will be printed and shipped within 72 hours.