Is that a Homebrew?
A little bio from "JB" and Austin Homebrew Supply, one of our valued partners

My name is John “JB” Brack, and I have worked with Austin Homebrew Supply (AHS) for 10 years. I love to cook, and as a spinoff of culinary interests I began homebrewing in 1995. I quickly learned that a homemade meal paired with homebrewed beer was a match made in Heaven! Since making my first batch with a co-worker (my boss at the time….thank you Cliff Lee!), homebrewing has gone from a weekend hobby to a profession. It is true when you hear someone say, “Do what you like for work, and it will never really feel like work”. Such has been my time with Austin Homebrew Supply. When I first started working at AHS, there were just a handful of employees. Fast forward 10 years, and we now employ over 50 full time employees! The growth of the company has simply mirrored what is happening across America. People are embracing home beer making, wine making and cheese making, and we are proud to be their source for equipment, supplies and knowledge. We are constantly expanding and improving our product lineup. We have begun offering classes focusing upon extract beer making, wine making, kegging, and we will soon launch the very first of our recipe design classes which will feature a rotating lineup of local and regional brewers discussing how they approach designing recipes. Every single local brewer has at least a little background as a homebrewer, and we are embracing that bridge between home and commercial beer production. In fact, the only real difference is batch volume and the size of the equipment.

The same pride that I felt when I started is a common thread across all aspects of homebrewing and commercial brewing. All the professional brewers I know are proud to see their product on display at a bar or retail store. Why should it be any different at your home brewery? Once you create your ale or lager, why not package it into bottles or kegs and proudly display it using custom created bottle & keg labels from GrogTag? The easy set up and design templates will enable you to have your very own unique, reusable labels which you can use to proudly display your latest creation and say to your friends, “Yeah… I made that!”

JB Brack