Ginny’s Picks
"Genius! Beer Monster, can you teach our mascot, Bottle Boy, the secrets of drinking through fabric?"

Beer Monster. Drink through your shirt. 

“This label is so silly it made me snort the first time I saw it. Whaaat? Is that a guy drinking something through one of those flip up monster shirts? Yes, yes it is. Well done Beer Monster. You can hang out with our mascot, the giant inflatable Bottle Boy, any time and teach him the secret of drinking through fabric.”

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Wizard Hands

“As you can tell, I’m a sucker for an entertaining photo on a label. This baby put me under its spell with its sorcery. However, it is the name that I think really makes this label. The perfect name, paired with a photo of a baby for an alcoholic beverage… I bet the beer tasted magical.” 

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