Getting the Most out of Your Labels
Depending on how you treat your GrogTags you can reuse them several times.

Getting the Most out of Your Labels

If you are relatively kind to your labels, there is a good chance you can get multiple uses out of one batch of labels.

Now be fair everyone, if you are the kind of guy who leaves their empties laying on the lawn for 4 days and nights through 100+ degree summer days and freezing nights, this probably won’t work for you. But for those of us more civilized drinkers who don’t pass-out in the flower bed every Friday night, normally it is very easy to get multiple uses out of one label.

Best practices for getting more than one use out of your labels:

  • Make sure your bottles are clean and dry when you apply GrogTags. Soap & grease residue can affect the adhesive over time.
  • Don’t expose the labels to wild hot and cold swings. While the labels will hold up no problem, the adhesive will take a beating under these conditions.
  • Use a sharp edge to lift a corner prior to removing, and pull gently. The labels are vinyl so they will stretch if you pull too hard, and they don’t bounce back.
  • Remove the labels when the bottle is dry. In general water is an enemy to re-use, so the more they get wet the harder they will be to re-use. Again, the labels will look great still, but the adhesive will probably suffer.

GrogTags are new on the market, so in our own testing they have performed very well. We have several bottles that have been around for 6 months indoors and we remove and reposition the labels often and have yet to have one fail (they are starting to stick slightly less just recently). One label placed on a car window had to be scraped off, so extreme temperatures will definitely affect your ability to re-use.

Check out all our video tutorials for more tips on how to get the most out of your GrogTag beer and wine labels!