Front Only “Basic” Labels
You asked for it - a label has all the great features of GrogTags, but without the neckers!

Our Basic Labels are perfect if you don’t need our handsome neckers added to them.  

Even though it made our little neckers sad to be left out of the fun, we think you’ll like the slim look of our Basic Labels. Measuring 2.5″ x 3.5″, these little guys can fit just about anywhere!

Let’s face it, sometimes getting the neckers on just right can take a lot of time.  Which could be spent doing yard work, or laundry – or even dusting!  We hope you will think of us next time you have to clean the blinds because you got done bottling your homebrew early.  

Lots of folks use the Basic Labels for more than labeling their homebrew.  Home canning and pickling are experiencing a resurgence as of late, and these labels are ideal for wrapping around small jars – with no wasted neckers lying on the sheet.  

We have heard of some people actually canning their homebrews, too!  These Basic Labels are practically made for that application – they are slimmer than our Beer Labels, and since cans have no necks (sort of like our Aunt Bertha), there is no need for the neckers! 

The Basic Label – Saving Your Neck.