Design and Upload Your Own Beer Labels
Everything you need to create your own label artwork.


The first two bottles in the bottle browser allow for a user to upload their own square or oval label artwork. Below are links to templates and the specs to help you make sure your artwork is set up properly.

Main Label Image Size = 3.75×4.25 inches

The size of your final artwork for the main label needs to be 3.75×4.25 inches. This is the label size of 3.5×4, plus .125 to all four sides to allow for your artwork to bleed. A bleed is when the artwork runs past the edge of the label, so when it is printed and trimmed it looks nice. The size is the same for the oval and square labels.

Necker Label image Size = 3.75 x 1.5

The size of your final artwork for the necker needs to be 3.75 x 1.5 inches. This is the necker label size of 3.5 x 1.25. plus .125 to all four sides to allow for your artwork to bleed. The necker is a curved shape that when applied to the cone shape of bottle neck will appear to wrap in a straight line.

Label Templates

Below are links to our three label templates. They are in jpg format. You can open them in any image editing program and place your artwork right on top. Just remember, that anything you see on the screen is what you will get on your label (even the template if you don’t delete it, or cover it up with your art).

Square Label Template
Oval Label Template
Necker Template

Safe Area and Bleeds

The one thing to remember when designing a label and using the templates is—your artwork can bleed or not, but either way, you should keep critical copy elements and artwork clear of the doted trim line. The printing may ‘bounce’ slightly (up to a 1/16th of an inch) so if you have something right on the dotted line it may or may not end up on the final label. Keep any critical items 1/8 of an inch inside the dotted pink trim line.

Bottle Shapes and Neckers

There are many different bottle shapes, some taller, some shorter, some wide, some skinny, some with very curved necks, some with straight necks etc. We designed these neckers to work well with as many different shapes as we could, with an emphasis on making sure they worked great with ’standard’ bottles you might get at your local brew supply house. You will have to try them on your bottles to see if they lay just right.