Case Study: Dual 40th Birthday
Tap handles and bottles decorated with basic labels.

The event was for a double 40th birthday party for a set of cousins, Julia and Todd.  

The party had a laid back, out-in-the-country vibe so they ordered two different sets of 12 basic sized labels….one design for each birthday person. Since both love biking (one into bicycling and one into motorcycles) they incorporated their personalities into the designs with a simple illustration at the top.

Most of basic labels went on empty 22oz bottles for table decorations, but two went on the jockey box taps. They flipped our new custom tap handles with the provided washer and labeled the back of the taps. They even left space in the design to write-in the beer style and ABV.

The result was an easy way to add some personality to the decorations, perfectly reflect the easy-going feel of the party and hosts. Have an event you want to share? Either tag us on social media or email us at, we’d love to see!