All About Roll Labels on GrogTag
In-depth information on our roll label options

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Using a Label Applicator? What You Need to Know.

If you brew in large batches and bottle, at some point you will consider a machine to help you apply labels. There are many different applicators out there, each with varying degrees of automation. What you need to know about your machine before you buy labels is what core size your roll needs to be and how it should be wound. This will ensure you buy the right labels for your machine. We sell the most common setup which is a 3 in core and a #4 rewind.


The core refers to the cardboard that the labels are wound around. Think the cardboard tube on a toilet paper or paper towel roll. If you are ordering our roll labels we put them on the most common size which is 3 inches. If you need something else please contact support. 

What is Rewind?

There are many ways to rewind the labels on your core after they are printed. If you are using an applicator you’ll want to confirm what you need – outward facing or inward facing.

Our standard upload on a roll is an outwound, left side first (#4) on a 3-inch core. If you need a different option from our standard, please contact support. See image below for other rewind options.

Choosing a Finish

We offer two different finishes: Matte and Gloss.  If you are looking for something closer to our standard vinyl (if you ordered labels before and you want to match it) you will want the Matte finish. Do not expect an exact match. You will notice it feels and looks a little different, and the colors will be slightly different because they are printed on different equipment.


We only offer permanent adhesive at this time. We want to make sure your label will not fall off in a cooler or under Bottle Boy’s excessively sweaty hands. There are other options available which may not be “cooler approved” (but okay for fridge use) so contact support if you want more details.