Advanced User Templates
Templates for advanced users for use in programs such as Illustrator and Photoshop

Download the zip packet. All of our templates are included here.This is recommended only for designers or users that have a high comfort level with design/layout software such as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop.

Advanced Steps to Success

  1. DOWNLOAD the correct templates: beer, wine, or coaster (don’t forget to grab the neckers!) All of the file links are at the top right under the main navigation bar.
  2. CREATE your design: In your favorite design software, set your resolution to 300 dpi.  Now start creating!
  3. ADD BLEED. Our templates account for/include bleed, giving you a final graphic that is ready for upload. Make sure your image goes to the actual edge of the template or at least 1/8” over the trim edge marked by a dotted line. Fill the page up with color or your graphic - otherwise the paper may show if minor shifting occurs during production, which can happen.
  4. Critical art/text inside SAFE ZONE. Keep anything critical in the safe zone—1/8” inside the trim edge. This ensures everyone sees your awesome label in full splendor.
  5. TEMPLATE layer/art deleted or turned OFF. Remove the downloaded template! If you don’t want pink dotted lines on your label, make sure this layer is deleted or turned off. If you see it on the screen, it’s printing unless you are a tricky, advanced user.
  6. SAVE for upload. We recommend high-resolution jpegs. Save it at maximum quality, 300 dpi. We also accept .png, .tiff, and .eps files.
  7. UPLOAD  When you upload using a combo dieline, use the crop tool to designate the correct part of the label.
  8. Double CHECK PREVIEW. 
  9. ORDER