Planning for a GrogTag Wedding

So you’re finally getting hitched and now the fun of planning the one day which will begin a new chapter in your life. Now for the important things, Booze! 

At GrogTag, we provide a unique personalized approach to providing beer and wine at your wedding. Although we don’t currently supply beer or wine we have the perfect marriage of custom products that will surely make your wedding day one to remember.

Our labels are easy to apply and waterproof.

You can have confidence knowing that once they are applied they’ll continue to look great throughout your event­—from the cooler or ice bucket to the table. They are also removable which means your guests can easily peel them off and take them home as a keepsake (or you can easily straighten a crooked wine label your cousin applied).

Our templates are professionally designed and flexible. 

That means you don’t have to be a designer to create something that looks stunning and is completely yours.