Guest Artist Program

Are you a talented beer and / or wine loving designer? If so, we’d like to introduce you to our Guest Artist Program. Get exposure for your designs and earn extra money doing something you love!

Step 1—Submit a Design:

Design a beer or wine label in Adobe Illustrator and submit it to the GrogTag.com team. If we like it, we will ask you to create a suite of related items based on that design using our template. We will ‘code’ your design so people can customize it. You own your artwork, but allow us to use it exclusively for a minimum of one year. After that we will continue to feature your art and pay you commission unless you tell us to take it down.

Step 2—Earn Praise and Fame:

Send us a logo or insignia to place under your label designs in the bottle browser, a headshot and bio for your Guest Artist page and a link to your personal website so people can find out more about you. 

Step 3—Sit back and Earn Commission:

You earn 10% each time your design is ordered. The 10% is based on the sale. Let’s say you had a label available on our site. If someone ordered a set of 48 labels it would cost $35. You would get 10% or $3.50 for the order.


Please contact guestartist@grogtag.com to submit your designs and for more information about this program.