GrogTag Label Contest Instructions
Here's How To Enter A GrogTag Label Contest:

  1. Entering a GrogTag label contest is easy and fun - All you need is a Facebook account and a little creativity! Brainstorm label ideas and figure out if you are going to customize an existing template or uploading your own design. Many templates are a hybrid of the two where you can upload a picture and then change the text in our template. Here is an example of one. 
  2. So you have an idea, now it’s time to design a label - You can customize one of our current templates or upload your own. Instructions for uploading your own can be found HERE
  3. Click approve and continue -  Once you are done designing your label click approve and continue to move on to our checkout page. 
  4. Share on Facebook -  At the next page you will see a small Facebook symbol below their label preview thumbnail. Click on the Facebook symbol to be taken to the share page. Once at the Facebook share page you must tag the business holding the contest as well as GrogTag by using the @ symbol. For example to tag GrogTag you would need to enter @GrogTag and click on GrogTag from the drop down menu that displays.

    Once you tag the business that is holding the contest as well as GrogTag click the share link and you are entered!
  5. Did I win? - Once the deadline has passed the winner/s will be contacted via Facebook with details of how to receive their prize. 


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