E-mail blast

Introducing GrogTag.com

Wait—don’t delete this email! You are on this list because you know Todd, Brent, Mac or Steve. Yeah, knowing us gets you junk mail, but this isn’t as ‘junky’ as you think. 

If you have been around us at all in the last six months, you’ve heard us talk about GrogTag this and GragTag that. Well, GrogTag.com is now officially launched (made even more official by our appearance in the 2011 April/May issue of Sactown Magazine).

Haven’t heard us talk about this project? Well you’ve come (or been forced) to the right place! GrogTag.com is an online beer label creation system that lets you upload your own designs, or customize one of our pre-existing designs. 

What makes these labels so cool?

  • Re-useable! But like your beer, nothing last forever
  • Residue-free and re-positionable labels make bottle cleaning easy
  • Easily upload your own designs
  • Professionally designed label by FUEL Creative Group look cool and are easily customized
  • Labels won’t come off in water
  • Todd is a professional printer—so these labels look awesome