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Templates to Design Your Own Custom Beer Coasters

Design Your Own Coasters at GrogTag

Coasters are an important part of drinking. They absorb drips and prevent condensation from getting to your wooden surfaces, but they do more than just perform basic functions.  A well-themed coaster adds some flair to your drinking environment and gives you something to look at besides the lacing on your glass, or the history of the winery printed on the back of the bottle.  Sure, having coasters from breweries or wineries at home is a cool way to show support for your favorite adult beverage manufacturer, but what if you could design your own coasters?  At GrogTag, you can!

Create Custom Printed Coasters

We have created over 60 different coaster templates, designed to bring some excitement to your bar top.  Each custom printed coaster can be customized with your own text, so you can design your own coasters for any event you wish.  Some even allow you to upload photos, allowing for even more creativity.

Start With a Coaster Template

How does it work?  Simple!  Head to our Coaster Gallery and choose the beer coaster template that you like most.  Click on it, and your browser will take you to the coaster template editor.  Here is where you can design your own custom beer coasters – change the text, and if the template allows you can even change some of the border colors! 

Custom Beer Coasters with Photos

Some coaster templates will give you the option of uploading your own photo as well.  To do this, select the “Upload File” button on the left of the coaster template and a pop-up window will appear.  Select your photo and your image will appear in our cropper tool.  Adjust the cropper so the main focus of your image is centered within the dotted lines.  Once everything looks good, hit the “Crop Image” button and your new photo will load into the coaster template preview to the right.  Got it right?  Go ahead and click the “Accept and Continue” button below the preview and head to checkout for your custom beer coasters!

The Professionally Matched Set

Many of our Beer and Wine Labels – and our Metal Signs – have matching coaster templates, so you can create an entire theme, either for your home brewery or for an event like a graduation or wedding.  Custom beer your coasters are easy at GrogTag!