So you want to hold a GrogTag label contest?
Here's How It Works:

  1. Decide the “subject” of your label contest – The subject of your contest can be whatever you think customers will find most appealing. Have them design a label around your most popular recipe kit, a larger-than-life employee, the homebrew store itself, a label designed or around a homebrew competition winner, or maybe see who can come up with the best brewery label for their homebrewery. Whatever you think will have the most success. You also need to decide the duration of the contest to make sure the participants know when the deadline is. 
  2. Promote your label contest! - The more you engage your customers about the contest, the more they are likely to participate and tell their friends about it. A great way to promote the label contest is through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter as well as your shop website. It is also a good idea to inform your in-store customers about the label contest as well as showing them what the labels look like and how they function. 
  3. To participate all your customers need is a Facebook account- We have created a page with instructions that you can point your customers to which can be found HERE. To enter, your customers would go to and design a label – it can be an “upload your own” or one of our templates. Once they are satisfied with their label design, they can click “approve and continue”. At the next page they will see a small Facebook symbol below their label preview thumbnail. Click on the Facebook symbol to be taken to the share page. Once at the Facebook share page they must tag your homebrew shop as well as GrogTag by using the @ symbol. For example to tag GrogTag they would need to enter @GrogTag and click on GrogTag from the drop down menu that displays.

    Once your shop is tagged, as well as GrogTag, they can go ahead and click the share link and they are entered. The post will show up on your homebrew shop wall as well as on our GrogTag wall which you can then review for judging purposes. 
  4. Judging and prizes! - Once the deadline has passed, you can decide on which labels you like the best. For prizes, GrogTag will match, dollar for dollar, whatever prize you want to award. That is to say if you want to give a $50 gift certificate to your shop, GrogTag will donate $50 worth of merchandise towards the prize. The prize matching will go all the way up to $100. 


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