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GrogTag Reusable Beer Labels

Perfect Solution: Reusable Beer Label

Putting a hand-crafted label on a bottle of homebrewed beer is a great feeling.  Sometimes, simply creating that label takes as much time as brewing the beer that goes in it!  So what happens when you are done with that bottle - where does the label go?  With GrogTags, that question is already answered: peel it off! 


Peel Removable Labels and Save for the Next Batch

GrogTag removable beer labels work like stickers - they can be applied to most any surface, not just bottles of beer or wine.  Where GrogTags stand apart is they can be applied and re-applied numerous times on many different surfaces.  When your bottle is empty, simply peel it off of your bottle and place the label back onto the backing sheet it came on and save it for your next batch. 


Or Save Them for a Memento

Let’s say that you want to brew a style of beer for your next batch that is different than the one you made the label for. What are you going to do with those sweet looking reusable beer labels?  Well, since they are essentially stickers, you can put them just about anywhere.


So Many Great Ways to Utilize Your Beer Labels

GrogTag reusable beer labels can be applied to almost any surface.  They make great decorations for your kegerator to display previous batches, and work wonders for labeling which beer is on tap.  If you order early enough, they can even be applied to your fermenters to track what you are brewing in which carboy.  At the office, we like to peel those reusable beer labels off of the bottles and put them on our glassware, which is a great way to not drink out of the bottle and still have people enjoy the artwork you have spent so long working on.  They also make great name tags, for those “Get-To-Know-You” mixers. 


Place Removable Beer Labels on Your Growlers

You know those nice growlers you own that are just sitting around?  Some places will not fill growlers if they have logos from other breweries on them, and may even ask to have the brewery label covered up before they will fill them.  Sounds like a job for GrogTags... place one on your growler over the offensive logo and fill ‘er up!  Since the artwork on your GrogTag is not an official brewery logo (at least until you get funding to open your brewery), your reusable beer label can serve as a temporary cover. 


Perfect for Wedding Keepsakes

One of the most popular uses for our reusable beer labels is as wedding favors.  After that great batch of homebrew you made for your wedding (or a friend’s), reusable GrogTags make a nice reminder of that special event.  Our labels are printed on such high-quality material that they can go in your wedding scrapbook - or you can even frame them along with your photos of the day. 


Creative Uses for Removable Labels

Now, if you want to get really creative, there are all kinds of home uses for GrogTags.  They work well for labeling all that leftover food in the fridge - no more smell test!  Got twins?  Take a GrogTag or two and finally start telling them apart.

For a visual explanation of how GrogTag reusable beer labels work, check out our infomercial spoof!



Send Us Your Ideas for Reusable Beer Labels

Got some suggestions of clever ways to use GrogTag reusable beer labels? Let us know and you may win a free batch!

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