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Best Beer Labels of 2018 | Staff Picks | GrogTag

GrogTag Picks for 2018

There's nothing we love more than seeing how creative our customers are! Your 2018 label designs gave us a sense of your personalities and made us feel like we were a part of the occasion, whether it was a birthday party, wedding, or a celebration for that new homebrew. It's hard to narrow down the list to just a few, but here are some labels we at GrogTag just can't get out of our head!

Todd’s Picks

“Smokehouse Cider” is one of those labels I can totally see being a commercial label. Very vibrant and bright, just as I would expect from a good cider. Since I’m still confused as to who is holding what in the reflections, I think “Darker Than Your Soul” is pretty awesome, and slightly intimidating. “Hop Head” has a great feel to it, and I think it’s really well put together. I love the us of colors within the design.

Jason’s Picks

Being a 3-time former champion of breakfasts myself, I really resonate with the current champ and his label. Not many people know this about professional breakfasts, but once you win the belt, that bacon is surgically attached to your face. Which hurts, but is so worth it. When I first saw “Carl’s Post-Workout Cherry Stout” I knew I was looking at exercising all wrong, and realized it’s not the journey, but the destination. “Foreign Relations” has everything you look for in a label: Goose, a middle finger, and Goose. I mean, c’mon … it’s Goose! How can you not drink this beer?

Dave’s Picks

The “Yukon Cornelius” label speaks to me on several levels. Mainly it’s the only beer for hunting Abominable Snowmen, Befriending Outcast Elves and Reindeer and generally kicking ass – all things I strive for in life. “Pug Life Beer” is a great label, and reminds me of a conversation I had with a wise man who said, “Real thugs shrug off drugs preferring hugs and pugs.” and I feel nothing quite encapsulates that sentiment like a pug in a dope-ass crown. It’s minimalistic and effective. Finally, what can you really say about “the Resurrection of Stay Puft” that hasn’t already been said? ” I tried to think of the most harmless thing. Something I loved from my childhood, something that could never, ever possibly destroy us: Mr. Stay-Puft.” But now he’s back and smoother than ever!!!

Drea’s Picks

Senior’s Smokey Bitters is one of those labels that stays with you. It says Senior but I can’t help but read it as “Señor” which makes me picture a beautiful Spanish man with the most luscious hair. This is what happens when you watch too much “Jane the Virgin”. Labels are more than just graphics – the great ones tell a story, and “Companion’s Craft” does that … literally! Ok, wow, who else cried when they read the story of inspiration? Just me? It’s true, there’s nothing like the love between man and pup. “Johnny’s Bark and Beer” mixes pop culture and homebrew in a way that brings me back to the good old days. If you knew me in college I was quoting this skit NON-STOP. If you don’t know the reference please do yourself a favor and watch Key & Peele’s “Substitute Teacher” or you’re gonna FEEL. MAH. WRATH.

Brian’s Picks

I love the strong illustrative feel of “Departed”, with all the texture that the layers of tattoos provide to it, and I think the simple color palette works well.The simple, clean design on “Hostile” works in its favor. Strong icon, good combo of colors, nice font choices for the design and good use of background texture.

Steve’s Picks

I love “No Relation”. It’s Timely and funny, with a great nod to old school film aesthetic. I can’t read french, but I am offended. This should be the immigration test, if you can offend the entire united states, then claim your first amendment right… you are in. You fucking get it. You are an Instant American. “Bon Noel” is just great. As a designer, I am a sucker for beautiful typography, and this label has it!

Orville’s Picks

If I were drinking a bottle of “Mermaid’s Tears IPA” with the Merfolk, and a Mermaid was crying from sheer happiness from beer consumption, and I could see those tears in all the drops of water in all the ocean’s of the world, I may very well never consume another beer that had such excellence. Getting to “Slammin’ Suzies” label, well Suzanne can slam a beer down on my counter any day. There is some really good art here in “Christmas Warmer”. This label tells me how the beer will taste – spicy with sweetness and a little bite.

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