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Two Great Tips from Derek
Baking soda...

A couple tips that have made my homebrewing just a bit better and are very simple.  Struggling to find the best way to get labels off of bottles I’ve tried chemicals, boiling the bottles and knife peeling, all of which are inconvenient and ineffective.  Turns out, just a sink full of hot water with cheap baking soda was the ticket.  Some labels will still require being partially stripped and then soaked again, but overall it’s made the process far more expedient and friendly.  Then there’s the even simpler tip that I learned while helping the bartender at the restaurant

I work at. It’s pretty convenient to store your bottle conditioning beers in 24 pack boxes, specifically targeting the imported ones for their heavier build.  Corona boxes are pretty sturdy, but Hofbrau have proven themselves the best option, if you can find them.  The easy little tip, however, is instead of using the cardboard grid that comes in the box, remove it and use a variety of 6pack cases that you no doubt collect a few of on a weekly basis.  The usually protect the bottle higher up than the grid, and they allow you to just yank a sixer to put in the fridge!  Not game changers, but fun nonetheless.  Happy brewing!