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Tips for a better Bottle Cap
A few ways to make sure your Bottle Cap images come out looking great!

Creating your own artwork isn’t easy, so we put together a quick set of guidelines for producing some killer images on Bottle Caps:

  • Make sure your font is at 6pt or larger
  • Avoid thin or light-colored fonts. Fonts with drop-shadows should be avoided as well — having your text be one color (such as black), will ensure your message comes through perfectly.
  • Any lines in your image should be 1pt. or larger. Build in some forgiveness with your font and images — caps can shift during printing, so don’t run your image or font too close to the edge.
  • Remember you are previewing your image larger than it is actually printing. Try printing your design out at home at 100% — if anything is hard to see or read at home, it will be hard to see when we print it as well. When you print test, your image area should be 1″ in diameter.

What also looks good. . .

  • Photos come out great on our caps, just make sure there is no high detail, or low contrast as some of those details may not be printed as clearly as you see them in the image. Head shots of new babies, pets, roomies or your mascot will all impress.
  • Cartoon style images look super! Crop it in or float it on the cap. If it is a slightly irregular shape on a white background, it will always look centered even if the cap shifts slightly.
  • Large initials, centered
  • Lighter colored backgrounds with gradients with dark type
  • Darker colored backgrounds with gradients and a single large, white letter centered


Properly sized type & lighter gradient background:

Type sized appropriately. Using all capital letters will increase the visual size. On this we used 8 pt on the black type,  13 pt on the main blue type.

Cartoon style images:


Simple monogram style: