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How to Make a Write-on Style Tap Handle
Use a washable crayon on a blank area or banner.

To create a write-on style tap handle you have three options:

  1.  Make your own (see best practices) and leave a blank area for writing style or name. We recommend using a light color such as a white banner or block.
  2. Use a basic label on the backside and either use a permanent marker and switch it out when you are done or use a washable crayon and wipe it off.
  3. Use a template and leave some intentional white or blank space. (See the picture with IPA as an example.)

We recommend only using washable crayon for marking. It may not have the finest point but it won’t smudge easily and will wipe off with a damp washcloth.



Using a recommended washable crayon in a blank area of the tap. Wipes away nice and clean with a damp wash cloth.


Wet erase markers, dry erase markers don’t wipe clean. You may get a ghost or stain effect, so they are not recommended. (If you accidentally use regular dry erase markers or wet erase markers…to clean, wipe gently with some Isopropyl alcohol, rinse and dry.)


Dry Erase Crayons also wipe off cleanly and they’ll stand out brighter on dark background.