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How-to: Creating a “stamp-in” metal guest book for your wedding
Similar to a thumbprint tree but without messy fingers

As guests add in their stamps and signatures the "guest book" will slowly fill up and create a fun, unique picture to treasure

There are so many fun ideas for guest books. Gone are the basic blank books that people sign and eventually get stashed in a drawer. Creating works of art to live with and enjoy seems to be a new trend in wedding and shower guest books. We are going to give you some basic instructions on how to create our favorite, a metal guest book sign using stamps instead of thumbprints. We love stamping instead of thumbprints because it still allows some guest interaction, they are picking their stamp and color and signing in, but is less messy. Plus you can use different shapes. The overall effect is still very free since you are using stamps but no one is using up all the baby wipes to clean their fingers. Use our ‘upload your own’ metal pub sign to create a beautiful lasting decoration (that is just fun!) 

For this project you’ll need: 

  • a custom printed metal sign
  • small stamp (about the size of a small thumbprint. Buy one or see instructions below on how to make your own)
  • solvent based ink pad
  • permanent markers
First, create your art.

We recommend your start by downloading a design guide. If you are computer savvy you can create it on your computer, otherwise have a friend help or consider using a template and leaving space for stamping and/or signatures. Another option would be to draw it out and scan it in. Just make sure you have enough resolution.

Some ideas are to create trees with room for stamped leaves and signatures, a bunch of strings to stamp balloons and write in signatures and sentiments, bubbles, candy…  Consider adding the names of the wedding couples, or expecting parents, and dates because that information will help add meaning as the sign ages.

Second, upload and order.

Upload it into the ‘upload-your-own’ metal sign template, double check your crop and place your order.

Third, buy your stamp pad (or pads).

While you are waiting for your sign to arrive you can buy your stamp pad. Mix and match colors or choose one unifying color. You will need a special solvent ink to stamp on metal. We tested with StazOn brand purchased at a craft store. It had a good range of colors and worked as promised.  

Use special solvent ink designed for metal

Fourth, buy your stamp (or stamps) or make them yourself.

Quick instructions on how to make your own stamp with foam sheets, glue/double-sided tape and a bottle cap.

First we decided how big we wanted our stamps. We waited until our sign arrived and then eye-balled it out. You’ll probably want it about the size of a small thumb print or an adult pinky print.  Then, we took craft foam sheets, glued two together for thickness and cut out a shape with scissors. Then we tacked the stamp onto a bottle cap for rigidity. That way we could easily make a few different sizes. Test it out a few times on paper to make sure you don’t need any adjustments, and your cap stamp is ready.

Create your own stamps with craft foam sheets, scissors, glue and bottle caps

Fifth, round up some fine-point permanent markers.

Now you have your sign, your stamp or stamps, your solvent stamp pad. Finally you’ll need some permanent markers. We used the Sharpie brand fine tip which comes in tons of colors and can write smaller if you plan on having lots of guest stamping in. If you have fewer guests you may want to use a thicker pen, it is totally up to you and the look you are trying to achieve.

Add the stamp and then sign in with a Sharpie

You are ready!

Place everything out with a small instruction card and some extra paper for test prints. Your metal guest-book sign is ready for some guests! We want to hear your stories, let us know how you used our product.


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