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Creative Uses For Metal Signs: Bracket Board
Use an Upload Your Own to make a custom bracket


Make every battle an epic one with your own custom bracket board. We turned our metal sign into a write on board and chose to leave ours open for any variety of office battle. Right now it happens to a beer pong bracket, but tomorrow it could be darts or horseshoes. We don’t have a horseshoe pit in our office…yet. But we like to plan ahead.

This is how we created our own custom bracket board from our metal signs.

First, prep.

Download the design guide so you know what size to make it.

Second, design it. 

We chose a solid color for the background. It you want a more traditional white board we recommend just leaving the board with a big  blank area. The glossy white paint makes an excellent white board surface.

If you went (like we did) for a darker color, just note that it may have some slightly ghosting if you leave the chalk marker on for a long time.

We’ve tested a few different brands of chalk markers and our only advice is by a good brand if you are writing on a dark color. We bought some Yoobi brand ones from Target, they work super on white backgrounds but hardly show on dark colors. 

Preview and checkout.
Finally, prepare to battle!