Step 3
Replace the image with your own photo.

Step 3: Customize by Adding a Photo

Some of our customizable templates have the option to insert a photo and design your label around that.  The easiest way to locate templates that have this feature is to click on the Load Your Own Photo link in the drop down menu – the same way we went to the Weddings section earlier.  To the left, and underneath the text editors, you will see a button for uploading your own photo.  Click on that, and a pop-up window will guide you through finding and uploading an image of your very own.  Once it has been loaded, you will have the chance to crop the photo to better fit the label.  Hit “Crop”, and the image will be loaded into the template.  Easy, right?  Then, as above, click Approve and Continue to print your own beer label – complete with a custom photo!